Digital Team on Demand – a new way of getting the digital skills you need in house now

As the owner of a leading digital marketing agency working within the retail sector.  I have spent the last 13 years working out how to structure a high performing digital team. I have learnt lessons the hard way about how to put the right skill sets together, cross collaborate disciplines, keep to time and budget, motivate and continually innovate to achieve success.

Some digital teams can drive revenue, some can drive new customer acquisition, some can put together a high performing website, BUT, only a digital team that has the right mix of talent, personality and process will drive increased profitability for a business, which has to be the ultimate goal.

A successful digital team will have high levels of commercial, product and customer knowledge as well as great marketing and digital talent. It’s crucial that retailers (or any business for that matter) can put these people together and manage them effectively to gain market share in an increasingly competitive online market place.

Because of this AND because too many times I have seen businesses struggle to put together the right digital team I have launched Digital Team on Demand.

Our sole purpose is to help retailers succeed online by helping them build the right in house team for success.

 Many retailers are choosing to build their own in house teams, but for a number of reasons are getting it wrong.

  • The team members are trying to be a jack of all trades but are mastering none
  • The team is run by brilliant marketeers that are not necessarily brilliant people managers
  • There is a lack of good affordable talent in some digital disciplines
  • There is an unwillingness or lack of budget to commit to full time team members
  • The team has a collection of brilliant minds but a lack of process or communication with the rest of the business

I have launched Digital Team on Demand to solve these issues. I have spent the last few months building a team of brilliant consultants across all of the key disciplines of digital marketing. Digital Team on Demand can advise you on the right mix of process and talent to achieve your strategy and identify the gaps you have in your current digital team. We can then either train you on better and more effective team process, or provide you with talented consultants on an on demand basis. They work as part of your in house team for as much or as little time as you need and for how long you want.

The entire time they are working within your team Digital Team on Demand will ensure they are delivering what you need and working well with the rest of the business. 

  • We take the risk out of hiring full time staff or freelancers that don’t perform. 
  • We take the risk out of using expensive recruitment consultants that don’t deliver
  • We take the risk out of poor management as we ensure our consultants work well with your team but also that your team are working well with our consultants
  • The minute you decide you no longer need that skill or resource, you can cancel it

It’s a simple, affordable way of building your in house team longer term or just boosting it for extra activity in key periods.

Tap into 13 years of experience in building effective digital teams and get in touch now to get some brilliant talent into your team before Christmas or just some advice on how to make your current team work better.